Andrew Marr tears apart Welsh independence plot to join EU: 'Never been done before!'

During a heated clash, Andrew Marr questioned the possibility of the European Union accepting an independent Wales into the single market without a hard border with England. Adam Price outlined that his party’s goal was to first join the European Free Trade Association and then eventually join the EU in the longer term.

Mr Marr said: “It must be very, very clever if you are going to persuade the EU to do something that absolutely nobody else in the world has been able to do.

“Which is to operate the single market with an open border with a non-single market country which would be England in this case.”

Mr Price replied: “No Andrew, our policy is to be members of the European Free Trade Association which does allow that greater flexibility outside the EU.”

The BBC presenter asked: “So you would not join the EU?”

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Mr Price said: “No, we are a pro-European party and as a party it would be our longer-term aspiration.

“But we accept for the medium-term for the foreseeable future the best solution for Wales would to be members of EFTA.”

On Sunday Mr Marr also clashed with Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Willie Rennie on his plans for Scotland to re-join the trading bloc.

Mr Marr questioned him on his differing position to UK Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey on rejoining the EU as Mr Davey has stated on a number of occasions the Lib Dems is “not a rejoin party”. 

Mr Rennie said: “If you look at the debate that we had at conference it was crystal clear, we want to join the European Union, we are very clear about that and we have to persuade people, you have to follow the conference.”

Mr Marr hit back: “I’m sorry, but Ed Davey on January 30 2020 and then again this year said our campaign to stop Brexit is over, we are not a rejoin party.

“He is leader of the Liberal Democrats, which is it?”

The Scottish Lib Dem responded: “You need to look at what the party’s policy actually is and the party’s policy is clear, we want to persuade people, over a period of time, to join the European Union.”

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