Alex Jones ‘replaced’ by Kym Marsh on The One Show after exit announced 'Been a privilege’


Alex Jones was absent from presenting The One Show this evening, instead, Kym Marsh and Amol Rajan hosted live from the BBC studios. It comes after Alex announced she would be leaving the show – temporarily – for a two week holiday following her dedication to delivering the show every weekday evening throughout the coronavirus lockdown. 

Alex Jones has been on viewers screens hosting The One Show since the UK was thrown into lockdown leaving people worried about what the future held. 

She has held viewers’ hands throughout it all, but after 16 weeks without seeing any of her family due to strict travel restrictions, Alex revealed she was taking a break in a tearful exchange. 

On Friday, co-host Alex Scott began a viewers segment, by talking about all the people that had been in touch since travel restrictions were lifted in Wales. 

Wales has been a couple weeks behind England when it comes to lifting certain restrictions as each place has followed what they think is best for their country. 

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Alex Scott added: “In fact she can’t wait any longer and here she is actually.”

Alex Jones’ mum popped up on the screen as she joined the two via live video link and Alex Jones burst into tears. 

She eventually was able to say: “Oh hiya mum, it’s only gonna be, how many days now? 5?”

Mary answered: “It’s been four very long months,” as she too began to cry. 

Alex Jones chipped in: “You normally see mums hold it together by this is the first time I have seen her get quite emotional.”

Alex Scott admitted: “And we do have to let everyone know, that Al, you have been keeping us all entertained during the whole of lockdown.

“Working so hard to keep smiles on everyone’s faces and you are going away for two weeks. It is fully deserved.”

Her co-host added: “It’s been a real privilege to come to work every day with all of you lot.”

She turned to the viewers and said: “And thanks for being the reason as well as my family for getting me through this really weird time honestly it’s been a real honour to be here doing this job.

“It’s only two weeks and I will see you on the 20th and thank you to you Al as always.’



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