Adrian Dunbar: Line of Duty star's car was targeted by bombers during family holiday

Adrian Dunbar, 62, is used to fighting crime on BBC’s popular cop drama Line of Duty, and his character Superintendent Ted Hastings has had his fair share of near misses in (dare we say it) the line of duty. But the actor himself has also experienced a brush with death during a family holiday in Jerusalem.

Travelling with his wife Anna and their two children Madeleine and Ted, their car was targeted while they were sight-seeing.

The Northern Irish actor admitted he’s become very wary of such incidents after growing up during the Troubles, but wasn’t particular about when the incident in Jerusalem happened.

Speaking on Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast, he recalled: “We parked at the Nablus Gate and we went into the old city and we were talking.

“I heard a bomb go off and I looked up into the sky and I just knew it was our car.”

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He explained he told his family to stay put while he went to investigate.

“I said to Anna who was with the kids, ‘Wait here I’m just going to go and look at something,'” Adrian said.

“And she said, ‘Why? What was that?’ And I said, “Don’t worry about it.’

“I knew just from where the direction was and the fact that we were driving a budget American car and the intifada was still on that they had identified that the car was an American car.”

“But I just dealt with it like, ‘Oh, God somebody’s blown up our car.'”

While fans of the 62-year-old may have been shocked to learn the events that went down on what should have been a fun-filled time for him and his family, they were pleased to learn that the actor’s anti-corruption alter-ego is NOT criminal mastermind H – phew!

Earlier on in the interview, Adrian told Elizabeth that it was a “relief” to be given clarity that his character wasn’t a dirty cop.

“It was a relief for me, as I spent all this time playing this character and I always thought Ted had a sense of duty and a moral core,” he laughed.

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