Adele v Rebel Wilson weight loss: Which celebrity has lost more weight?


The Mayr Method isn’t considered a diet but rather a lifestyle change and it emphasises on consuming breakfast and regularly skipping dinner. 

The creator of the diet Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr was said to believe that everything is connected to the gut and what we eat, or don’t eat, can affect overall health and wellbeing, including weight.

Dieters are also asked to stop snacking throughout the day, reduce dairy and gluten intake, refrain from eating raw foods in the evening as well as reducing phone usage, talking, reading, or watching television whilst eating.

The goal here is to get slimmers to focus on the food they are eating which can help them potentially feel satisfied or full sooner than they would be if they had distractions. Possibly the most notable part of following the method is that dieters must chew foods thoroughly.


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